Sunday, June 17, 2007

Screenplay Wanted

Digitalis Entertainment

Filmmaker with track record currently seeking a feature length screenplay in the "gialli" genre i.e. puzzle plot whodunits with macabre/slasher component. Think Jonathan Creek/Agatha Christie but more scary/splatter.

Ideally looking for a completed script, but also receptive to commissioning from a compelling pitch.

The story must be suitable to be realized in the $1 to $2 million dollar range - so preferably contemporary setting, limited locations, not-too-elaborate action sequences/SFX.

My first feature has just been released in theaters and I am now wishing to develop a slate of scripts that might be described as "intelligent mainstream" or "genre with a smart edge". I'm strongly attracted to scripts with a post-modern ironic slant, particularly with moments of poetry/ambiguity.

Please email first with a few comments/intro of yourself and/or questions before you send the script:

More info about director Arun Bharali: